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Boxers Needing Homes

Last Updated: 24th Nov 2014




nfortunately due to dogs being let down, we will no longer be reserving dogs for people for longer than 4-5 days. If you are interested in a particular dog and have been homechecked and accepted, you will be expected to adopt the dog you want within a 4-5 day period. We will not hold onto dogs for any longer than this at the risk of the home falling through and other possible homes being turned away due to the dog being reserved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but due to dogs being increasingly let down by homes we cannot keep reserving dogs for long periods of time. 


Lexi is a beautiful female boxer cross american bulldog of about 2 years old.
Lexi is a lovely friendly girl and loves her cuddles. she is fine with other dogs and doesnt seem to mind cats, but has not been tested in a home with them. She is looking for a home with no children due to her being a stray and having no history on her.Lexi is spayed, chipped, vaccinated & wormed ready for her Forever Home


Honey is a young boxer cross, she was found on the streets and noone came to claim her, she appears to be good with other dogs. Honey will be assessed further before rehoming. She will not be homed with young kids.
More info to be added soon


Cyril is a middle aged boxer boy, he was found on the streets and noone came to claim him, he appears to be good with other dogs. Cyril will be assessed further before rehoming. He will not be homed with young kids.
More info to be added soon


Meet Chops! This gorgeous boy is 4 years old and is a big bundle of energy! Chops is looking for a very active boxer experienced home. He is very giddy and full of pent up energy! He needs a home who will give him lots of exercise! We have been told Chops is ok with other large dogs but he has never lived with another dogs so will need patient introductions first. Chops has lived with 4 cats though. Due to his very bouncy nature (he can jump 6 foot in the air to give you a kiss!) he is best in a home without young children. Chops needs a home with someone around for most of the day as he does suffer from separation anxiety, we think once he is used to lots of walks to burn off his energy he should soon become a happy more relaxed dog. Chops also needs alot of work on his recall, he cannot yet be left off the lead! This is something we will be working on whilst he is with us.


This lovely girl is Stitch, she is about 8 years old. Stitch has come into our care to find a loving retirement home. Stitch has recently had a litter of puppies (yes at her age ) but has now been spayed and her pups all found new homes. She is a nervous girl and can sometimes be weary of new people but soon comes round as she cannot resist attention, she is ok with other dogs inside the home once she gets to know them, but outside of the home she does not like them at all so needs to be walked where there are no other dogs or needs an owner who is dedicated to put alot of training into her. Ideally she needs to be the only dog in the home. She is ok to live with older kids. Stitch is such a lovely sweet girl, she craves attention and is still an active girl who loves to run and roll about in the grass, you really have to meet her to see what a lovely dog she is, she will nudge you with her paw when she wants a stroke. She is currently in kennels in Ormskirk waiting patiently for a home.


This handsome man is Oskar, he is 8.5 years old, still a giddy kipper and full of fun! Sadly Oskars dad passed away and he found himself in kennels, Oskar was his lifelong companion, they did everything together and he was a very much loved boy. Oskar has been fine with all other dogs he has met. He does need a home with no young children though as he does not have a history of living with children (or cats!). Oskar is such a lovely lad who is full of beans but also very cuddly, he loves a good bum rub and a boxer snog! He is crate trained, travels well in the car and knows all of his basic command, he loves his food too so will do anything for a treat :) he loves to run and play or even just to sit with you whilst you are busy doing something. Oskar can sometimes be a bit of a grumpy old man if he gets jealous which has caused him to be a bit snappy now and again when he isnt happy, so he needs someone who has plenty of experience with dogs and will give him time to settle in and understand his needs. Oskar is in a foster home in Nottingham.


Marley is approx 7 years old, he was found as a stray and noone came to claim him. Marley is a very loving boy, he loves nothing more than playing with his toys and giving boxer cuddles, he is a very affectionate happy boy. Marley is like a sponge for learning, he really is a clever boy and knows all his basic commands, he has now learnt to sit, give both paws, lie down, stay, and nearly roll over! He will do anything for a toy or treat so is very trainable! Sadly Marley is very anxious around other dogs so he needs someone who will work with him on the lead outside of the home as he can get very frustrated which can cause him to redirect at whoever is walking him, for this reason he is best muzzled on walks, a training plan will be provided for his new owners so they can carry on with his training, a squeaky toy also works well to distract him when he sees another dog. So it is best to try and avoid areas where other dogs are walked. Marley is looking for a home where he will have company for most of the day as he doesn't like to be left alone and also a home with no young children or cats. He is currently in a foster home in Gwent South Wales


Meet Charlie! This gorgeous boy is perfect for someone looking for a smaller dog, he is just like a boxer in a little (bulldog) body. Charlie is 4 years old and is looking for a home experienced with boxer/bully breeds. He has lived with children but has always been the only dog. He is ok with females but not overly keen on males. He is ok in the house and hasnt been known to be destructive when left alone. He is a typical headstrong bulldog type though, loves his toys and is vet boisterous. Charlie can not live with cats.


This is 7 yr old Bruce. Bruce is a lovely boy who loves lots of attention, he is used to having someone around all day and loves company. He loves to go on long walks although gets very excited at times, like most boxers.  Bruce is not overly keen on other dogs that he has met, but has lived with another male boxer. He is better with older children.Bruce loves kisses and cuddles.He has not lived with cats. Bruce is very strong on the lead so he needs someone who is experienced with large strong boxers.


Billy is a very sweet 4 year old boy. He is quite a nervous boy though so will need plenty of time to settle into a new home, he seems to be more scared of men than women, but is ok when hes used to them.He loves to play ball or other games like tug of war and is very energetic.Billy has lived with other dogs in the past so would probably benefit from having the company of another boxer. He has lived with children aged 5 and 9 but has not lived with cats

*Long Term Foster Home Needed*

Brynn is currently in Norfolk and ideally needs a home local to that area.
Brynn is a 12 year old lady. She is desperately in need of a long term foster home before she has to go into kennels. All of Brynns medical needs will be covered, as she does have some cancerous lumps :( Brynn was originally placed in long term foster but due to issues with her towards other dogs in the home she is now looking for a home with no other dogs. She is ok with older children but ideally would like a quiet home where she can enjoy the rest of her days in comfort. Brynn is an old lady who is looking for a quiet retirement home. She travels well in the car and generally seems to be a relaxed girl who likes to sleep on the sofa but still has plenty of life in her and still pulls on the lead when out for a walk.